Fishing Brazil Adventures was formed by partners Renato Peng, Ilde Borella, and Clarindo Canuto. The company was born from the union of these three people who decided to combine their knowledge and make their hobby and passion for fishing their profession. The three have been fishing together since the early 2000s.

Renato: I started fishing at a young age with family fishing on the seashore and later with my father-in-law exploring the beaches far south of Brazil in search of piraguas, briquettes, and parterres (local species). At that time, fishing became a habit, and trips to the beaches became constant. My family was also able to accompany me on fishing trips to the Pantanal from 1999 onwards. I frequently fish in the Amazon Rainforest, Argentina, and Pantanal, besides also having the opportunity to fish in Mexico and Alaska.

Ilde Borella: it all started when I was 6 years old. My father, every Sunday after mass, walked 6 km to the riverbank to fish lambari (sardines, as he called them). Once a month, he took me along for this fishing trip, so I used to spend that whole week anxiously waiting for Sunday. Time passed, and my taste for fishing only grew, accumulating knowledge of local fish and practicing it in lakes with friends. Later, after finishing university, I went to work in Barra dos Bugres in Mato Grosso (Brazil), where I had the opportunity to fish in the Pantanal area, that time with a hand-held line (which led to good memories and also deep cuts in my hand when catching big ones). In the 90s, fishing began to be more organized with appropriate equipment. It doesn´t matter where… the Pantanal, Argentina, rivers in the south of Brazil, or friends’ lakes, the goal was always the pleasure of fishing. Something luck wasn’t on my side and there was no fish to be seen, but I never gave up. The lived experiences on riverbanks, improvised tents, and often running from animals, were part of the deal. Over time, I sought knowledge, learning from each fishing trip, from fishing guides and older anglers, and now I can say I know a bit more, but every fishing trip is a new learning experience. The experience with FISHING BRAZIL ADVENTURES has crowned a great dream that I have always had of being frequently on riverbanks, contemplating the wonders of a fish at the end of a rod. Pure emotion and a lot of adrenaline.

Clarindo: my passion for fishing was awakened at a young age. At just 7 years old, this sport was already part of my leisure time, encouraged by my father. I always accompanied him on our fishing adventures in streams, ponds, and occasionally in larger rivers. With still fishing using rods or even with lines on hands we’d spend several hours fishing. Over time, this became stronger, and with the loss of my father, my best partner, I met other anglers and began to practice other fishing techniques with equipment such as reels and spinning reels. I ventured into places like the Pantanal, sea fishing, lagoons, canals, and other locations in neighboring countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Fishing is part of my life, and whenever there is an opportunity to fish, wherever it may be, I will be there. I had the opportunity to meet several people with the same passion for fishing. In the 90s, I opened a fishing store (called Lambari) in Caxias do Sul city, and with a group of friends and clients, we developed fishing groups to go to the Mato Grosso region and Argentina. I always had another activity in parallel, but always found time to dedicate myself to fishing. During this period, I met two friends who may be more excited than I am about fishing. We fished together for several years before coming up with the idea of creating a specialized fishing agency, combining our knowledge, and thus Fishing Brazil Adventures was born, now operating in several regions of Brazil and Argentina and with packages available internationally too. In summary: The passion for fishing led us to become fishing specialists…

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